macOS Apps I Use

I use this as a checklist for apps to install when I get a new computer (not often, once every 5 or more years) or when I need to do a clean install. Also used as a recommendation list.



  • Mail - The stock email app in macOS is great enough. Email isn’t that fun to deal with in any application, but I do enjoy the system tie-ins that provides.
  • Outlook - For work email I use the Outlook app, even though I have the choice of viewing my email through any app I choose. I don’t find it too horrible, and Microsoft has actually improved it greatly over the past few years. The matching iOS app is one of the best email apps I’ve used on the iPhone.
  • Tweetbot - For Twitter I use a third-party client named Tweetbot. The main reason I use it is the synced timeline between the macOS and iOS apps, since I read Twitter on the train to and from work. Also, it doesn’t mess with the chronological timeline or insert ads like the official Twitter client.
  • Calendar - I’ve tried multiple other Calendar apps – including Fantastical – and there’s nothing really that much better than the stock app.


  • Safari - I’ve completely divorced myself from Google, so Chrome is out. Besides, Safari doesn’t track my information and protects my privacy as much as any other browser. Firefox is a really nice browser but again, staying within the Apple ecosystem wins out as far as syncing features across devices. Safari also has a fairly minimal UI which I enjoy as well.