Apple Event, September 2019

My take on this year’s “iPhone event”, Apple’s yearly event to showcase their new hardware.

I didn’t mean for this to be my first full blog post since last year’s event (almost to the day), but here we are.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

I was generally warm on this year’s model after seeing it revealed at the event. THe focus is mostly on the camera, and while there are some great new features, the camera is not the function I use the most on my phone. So I was convinced I was not going to get this year’s model and stick with my XS from last year.

However, that only lasted for about 12 hours and then I preordered a Midnight Green 256GB iPhone 11 Pro. I also ordered a clear case this year, after having the leather case for the last 4 years. I really want to see this new phone’s color so I want to give this type of case a try.

Apple Watch Series 5

The always-on display is very intriguing. It got me to look up how much I could get for my Series 4 on trade-in, but it wasn’t enough to justify buying this watch now. The Series 4 has the health, notification, and activity features that I need now, and while always-on display is a game-changer, I can hold of on that for a year or so.


I’ll be a subscriber to this for buying a new iPhone, but I would have gladly paid the $4.99/month for this service just to test it out, if nothing else.

The original shows that Apple has lined up aren’t that interesting to me, though “The Morning Show” could be good. My main question is what else we’re getting with the service (movies, TV shows, etc) if anything?


I’ll also be trying out Arcade, Apple’s video game subscription service. I’m not convinced that I will maintain a sustained subscription, since I’m not a huge mobile gamer, however a couple of features have me intrigued:

  1. Over 100 games to choose from
  2. Apple devices are including support for PS4 and XBox controllers
  3. These games are expected to work on iOS and tvOS, which means I can play them on my iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV.

Overall the event was a little lackluster, though much of what Apple is unvealing was already leaked and I was privy to since I follow all fo the Apple news channels. It will be exciting to check out the new services from Apple, and see if they will compete with or compliment cometitors such as Disney+, which is another one I’m very excited to check out this Fall.