Hi, I'm Brad Bice.

I'm a father, husband, and web designer/developer. This is my collection of work, musings, rants and praises. Thanks for stopping by!

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I've worked in e-commerce web design and development professionally since 2003. View examples of my work below, browse all of my examples, or check out my resume.

Cars.com Pattern Library and Style Guide

One of my primary tasks at Cars.com was to create and maintain a new living style guide.

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Cars.com Prototype Design

I worked on and collaborated on a variety of new designs as part of Cars.com’s re-platforming in 2015-16.

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After Hours

A personal and professional blog

Twitter Alternative: Micro.blog

I’m a daily user of Twitter, but it has some problems. Luckily, there’s hope in an alternative: Micro.blog.

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Newwwyear Grand Re-Opening

I’ve redesigned and re-launched my website multiple times. Let’s go again!

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