Brad Bice Resume

Professional history & focus

I've been a web design professional since 2004, working with small and large businesses on e-commerce platforms, SaaS products, design systems, and spanning multiple roles from frontend developer to product designer and team manager. I thrive in environments where the connection between designer and developer is crucial.

My focus includes design systems, cross-functional team communication and alignment, and CSS design.

Recent experience

Senior Manager of Product Design
I transitioned to Senior Manager of Product Design in October 2021, where I manage a team of Senior and Principal Product Designers, as well as our design system. Acting as mission lead for a variety of initiatives, my responsibilities also range from team building and collaborating with cross-functional colleagues, to presiding over our design tools and services.

Senior Product Designer II
In July of 2019 I moved to Grand Rapids, MI and transitioned to fully remote, as well as moving to an individual contributor role. My duties included maintaining my position as lead on our internal Spark Design System, supporting our Design and Engineering teams, as well as leading Design Operations tasks. Major focus on transitioning to utilizing Figma as our Product Design tool, and integrating that with Engineering efforts.

Design Manager
Initially hired as a Visual Designer, later transitioned to Senior Product Designer, and then given my own team to focus on creating an internal design system. Duties included overseeing and leading design system research, development, integration and architecture. Led a team of two in standing up the Spark Design System which powers visual design consumer-facing and internal products.