Goodbye Facebook

After thinking it over for the past few weeks, I’ve finally pulled the plug and deactivated my Facebook account.

Good-bye! I haven’t fully deleted my account just yet, in case there’s some reason I’m forgetting that I should maintain it. Deactivating it just means people can’t see my timeline or search for me. I’m also assuming it means advertisers can’t access my data, though this link at Facebook’s Help site doesn’t explicitly state that.

It’s not that I don’t want to connect with everyone anymore — it’s that I just don’t use Facebook to do it. I wasn’t posting anymore, I don’t really derive much happiness from browsing it anymore (I am using Instagram a little more often lately for keeping up with friends,) and the recent privacy scandals have really sealed the deal about me putting too much of my life information on there.

So, bye-bye Facebook. It’s been real.

Update 2023-01-24 I've remained on Facebook because of some local requirements, mainly to sign up for volleyball. Without being on Facebook, I haven't found another way to connect with people in our area socially. I really do hate Facebook the company and what they've become. If there was a viable alternative to communication then I'd definitely ditch Facebook immediately, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do so.