Learnings, snippets, solutions, and other musings around CSS, Sass, and other related technologies.

Transition flex-basis in Safari, Webkit

As of version 14.0 of Safari on macOS, and release 114 of Safari Technology Preview, webkit can not transition the flex-basis attribute alone, when applied to the transform property.

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Auto-sizing, responsive grid items

Create a responsive grid of items using CSS-Grid layout, that flows and wraps without media queries.

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Outlook 2007-16 Does Not Support white-space: nowrap

Outlook 2007-16 does not support white-space: nowrap in HTML/CSS email templates.

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<fieldset> does not support 'grid-gap' on Chrome

A <fieldset> element does not support grid-gap on Google Chrome 73.

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Checking for CSS environment-variable support

Supporting Firefox when styling for mobile devices notches.

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Getting CSS Level 4 max() functions to work with Sass variables

How to get these functions to work with normal Sass variables.

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