The Best iOS Weather App

One of the best independent apps period, let alone one of the best weather apps out there. Carrot allows for a high degree of customization - from look and feel to weather sources to amount of snark in forecast summaries.

The Best iOS Calendar App

Fantastical is the most polished and feature-rich calendar suite for iOS, offering features for both business and personal use that prove invaluable.

The Best iOS Contacts App

By tying in to the existing iOS native contacts data, Cardhop offers a secure and more intuitive and complete feature set while also making organizing contacts a bit more fun.

The Best iOS Email App

Apple Mail provides the simplest, most unobtrusive, yet integrated approach to email on iOS.

The Best iOS Maps App

With the most elegant design, native integration with iOS, and greatly improved navigation and features, Apple Maps is the top maps app on iOS.

The Best iOS Notes App

Notes by Apple ties into the OS so deeply, and also offers a fully competitive feature set, that it’s the obvious choice for almost any notetaking requirement.

The Best iOS Password Manager App

Quickly becoming more than just a password manager, and soon supporting passkeys, 1Password is the best solution for securing all of your most sensitive data.

The Best iOS Podcast App

Developed by software and audio guru Marco Arment, Overcast provides the best listening and organizational features for podcasts, in just the right sized package.

The Best iOS ToDo App

Reminders provides what it’s called the best: reminders. As a to-do app it’s capable yet rough around the edges.

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Goodbye Twitter, on to Mastodon

Where I say goodbye to a now horribly run company, steered into the ground by yet another horrible rich person.

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