The Best macOS Calendar App

Fantastical provides the most calendar features for both business and personal use, in the overall best package.

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The Best macOS Notes App

Apple Notes’ tight integration with macOS, along with a suite of very well done features, establishes it as the most versatile macOS notes app.

The Best macOS RSS/News Aggregator App

Silvio Rizi’s Reeder is the most elegant and feature-rich news aggregator and feed consumer out there.

The Best macOS Web Browser

With it’s native integrations, lightning-fast browsing engine, and now-current and leading edge feature set, Safari wins the browser war on my desktop.

Goodbye Twitter, on to Mastodon

Where I say goodbye to a now horribly run company, steered into the ground by yet another horrible rich person.

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The Best macOS Personal Email App

Apple Mail provides the simplest, most unobtrusive, yet integrated approach to email on macOS.

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