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755 movies

This is an ongoing project. Currently, 755 of 755 movies are rated (100%). View a text list of all rated movies or

How movies are rated

Movies are rated by a set of 10 criteria:

  • Story - Is the story engaging and entertaining?
  • Originality - How original is the story or approach?
  • Cinematography - How innovative, beautiful, or approriate is the camera work and presentation?
  • Actors - Was the casting done well, or are there a lot of good actors cast?
  • Acting - How did the actors perform in their roles?
  • Depth of characters - Did the characters entice exploring their histories or backgrounds?
  • Setting - Was the setting appropriate or presented well?
  • Pacing - Did the story move along in a fashion that is unnoticeable?
  • Design - Was the aesthetic of the movie appropriate and/or pleasing?
  • Extra - Personal extra preference

Each category is rated out of 10 possible points, and then totaled together to create a score out of 100. This is the final percentage score.

Top 10 scoring

The top 10 is scored a bit differently to present a clear and consistent separation of the best-of-the-best. The scoring is a sum of:

  • The movies score rank, as explained above
  • An average of the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes Critics and Users scores, converted to a decimal (to help level-set personal preferences)
  • The age of the movie in years, converted to a decimal (Older movies get scored slightly higher)
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